Boston Baking

Work for
King Design, LLC

Project Type
Web Design

Creative Direction
Tim Robbins

Project Management
Maureen Novitski

Tim Robbins

Client Provided


The Challenge

Boston Baking, a commercial bakery manufacturer, has been a trusted member of the baking community, and their local community, for the past 120+ years. To support continued growth and to improve lead generation, we worked with the Boston Baking team to design a new website that emphasizes their mission, vision, values, and their commitment to quality, value, and innovation.

Our Approach

Color Palette

We began the project by making small adjustments to the existing brand. While the logo remained untouched, we modernized the color palette on the website to strengthen visual interest and increase conversion rates.


We worked with the Boston Baking team to create a new typographic system inspired by their rich history.


We consulted on photographic styles to help Boston Baking best represent their team as expert commercial bakers and to help humanize their brand by putting faces behind the end product that consumers enjoy.

Website Design

We aimed to improve lead generation opportunities on the website by creating an engaging experience that organically guides users to high-value content and prompts them to take action. The site is also responsive for mobile devices, AA ADA compliant, and optimized for SEO.