Joseph’s Bakery

Work for
King Design, LLC

Project Type
Website Design

Creative Direction
Chris Henke & Tim Robbins

Project Management
Maureen Novitski

Tim Robbins


The Challenge

Joseph’s Bakery, a maker of authentic Middle Eastern breads for almost 50 years, sought to redesign their website and online store to reflect their newly redesigned product packaging. To accomplish this, we created designs to reference the new packaging & branding, while also migrating their existing online store from Magento to Shopify.

Joseph’s new packaging is rich in color with bold typography and patterns. Designing with these new styles in mind helped to create an integrated brand experience.

The Approach

We started this project by taking inventory of the design elements on the new product packaging and identifying how we could integrate them into the website to create a holistic brand. From iconography to typography, images, patterns, and colors, there was a lot to take inspiration from and a lot of opportunity in the new website designs.

Visually, we focused on showing the user how good Joseph’s products are. The push to “buy now” is present, but more so is the push to EAT. Our goal was to create a website crafted by Josephs’ mantra, that “Good Health Starts with Good Food,” and for Joseph’s products to sit front and center.

Reusable Modules

Responsive Website Design & Development

Online Store


We compared multiple e-commerce platforms before narrowing it down to WooCommerce and Shopify. After discussions with the Joseph’s team to gather their needs and desires, we decided to use Shopify due to its security and rich ecosystem of documentation and applications. We were able to create a seamless experience between the marketing website and the online store by leveraging the flexibility of custom Shopify themes.